Our company history

MERA Tiernahrung GmbH from Kevelaer am Niederrhein, in detail.

Family matters from the Lower Rhine area

Fresh entrepreneurial spirit from the start: In 1949, Karl Vos committed himself to developing the compound feed plant that existed at the time. With roots in the agricultural region around Kevelaer, he soon recognised the growing importance of animal feed production in Germany. As agriculture developed, so did the company’s operations. In the 1960’s, MERA started to specialise in the production of calves’ milk.

With the right instincts

Bernd Vos successfully focussed on the growing pet food market at the beginning of the 1980’s. He therefore set course for the company’s current situation: As one of the leading producers of premium food for dogs and cats, our products are now successful in many countries under the brand names of MERADOG, Wahre Liebe and MERA EXKLUSIV.


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